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Nov 29

Why does everyone say this is the worst time to Buy or Sell?

Blog posted by Michael Lewicki  ::  Views (4259)
Ahh, the Holiday Season, the time of year that Realtors get the questions: 'Isn't it a bad time to buy?' 'Isn't it a bad time to sell?' Putting aside the usual marketing pitch of 'its never a bad time!', it really is a matter of the property, the market around you and what your (or... [ more ]
Oct 31

A Homeowner's Toolkit: All The Tools You Need To Care For Your Home

Blog posted by Michael Lewicki  ::  Views (4436)
Whether you have just bought your first home or have been a homeowner for some time, chances are that at some point you will be faced with home repairs.  While you can always call the local repairman to fix minor plumbing or structural problems, doing the repairs yourself can save you time... [ more ]
Sep 26

Why hire a Realtor?

Blog posted by Michael Lewicki  ::  Views (13201)
With the increase in websites to look for houses and the number of sites out there that are 'turn-key' operations for homeowners, one would wonder why you'd hire a Realtor. It's often a topic of conversation when anyone is talking real estate these days, and one that is covered in the... [ more ]
Aug 22

Condo/Association Fee's...why does it matter?

Blog posted by Michael Lewicki  ::  Views (4790)
Often when Buyer's are looking at properties they see a section on the MLS listing for 'Assoc/Com Area Fee' and some info in the remarks section as to what you get for that fee. It's always a good practice (for both you and your Realtor) to check on the details of what exactly is... [ more ]
Jul 26

Real Estate..a Real Partnership!

Blog posted by Michael Lewicki  ::  Views (4652)
The buying and selling of a home is one of the biggest decisions someone can make. It also creates an opportunity for a partnership between the buyer/seller and their trusted Realtor(s). What are YOU looking for in a REALTOR? Let us know what we can do to make your buying/selling experience one... [ more ]
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