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Dec 18


Blog posted by Michael Lewicki  ::  Views (6704)
For young professionals, Ottawa is finally coming out of its shell.  Over the past several decades, the expansion of satellite suburban communities catering to young families was the norm.   The term attributed to this trend today is “urban sprawl” - and although... [ more ]
Dec 11


Blog posted by Michael Lewicki  ::  Views (7078)
Image Source: City of Ottawa website. Barrhaven (formerly  a part of the City of Nepean), is a family oriented suburb in Ottawa located approximately 20km southwest of downtown (the Greenbelt is to the north, the Rideau River is to the east, Highway 416 is to the west, and the Jock... [ more ]
Dec 4


Blog posted by Michael Lewicki  ::  Views (4734)
There are hundreds of new homes and condos being built in the city of Ottawa every year.  As a REALTOR®, I’m often asked by clients who exactly is buying and living in all of these new properties. The answer is: investors.   Many people choose to purchase these... [ more ]
Nov 27


Blog posted by Michael Lewicki  ::  Views (7081)
Image Source: Statistics Canada This week, I’m going to move a little further West (22 km west south-west of downtown, to be specific) and talk about Kanata – one of the largest suburbs in the city of Ottawa. According to the 2011 census, Kanata is home to over 100,000... [ more ]
Nov 20


Blog posted by Michael Lewicki  ::  Views (6942)
This week’s featured Ottawa neighbourhood is Bells Corners. Located in Ottawa’s west end, Bells Corners stretches from the Thorncliffe Bridge to Westcliffe Bridge, from Stafford Road and Northside Road along Robertson Road. Bells Corners has a population of about 10,000. ... [ more ]
Nov 13


Blog posted by Michael Lewicki  ::  Views (6873)
As a REALTOR® working in Ottawa, one of the questions I get asked most is what neighbourhoods I recommend and why.  That very question is what inspired the idea for this new blog series. If you’re new to the city, it can be overwhelming to decide what neighbourhood is right for... [ more ]
Nov 7

Condos vs. Town Homes vs. Single Homes (Choosing Your Dwelling Type)

Blog posted by Michael Lewicki  ::  Views (4843)
There are many things to consider when purchasing a property, including the mortgage, your budget, and its location.   Another very important consideration is property type.  Although there are many categories of properties; the three main types include condominiums... [ more ]
Oct 31

5 tips for selling your home in the winter months

Blog posted by Michael Lewicki  ::  Views (4677)
It is no secret that Ottawa winters can be brutal. People often list cold weather, icy roads, and the possibility of less prospects as reasons why they shouldn’t list their homes in the winter months. But these are all myths. In fact, some recent data has shown that the opposite is true -... [ more ]
Oct 23

5 Common Mistakes First-Time Home Buyers Make

Blog posted by Michael Lewicki  ::  Views (5059)
As I said in my last blog post, there are so many things to consider when buying a property.  All of the small decisions and details can overwhelm even the most seasoned real estate buyer/investor. However, first-time home buyers can be particularly susceptible to mistakes, simply... [ more ]
Oct 8

5 Often Overlooked Details You Should Consider When Purchasing a Home

Blog posted by Michael Lewicki  ::  Views (5925)
There are many things to consider when you are thinking of buying a new home or condo.  Whether you are a first home time buyer or looking to upgrade, you need to make sure that you are well prepared and organized.   Some of the major considerations include affordability,... [ more ]
Oct 6

4 budget-friendly ways to enhance your home’s curb appeal

Blog posted by Michael Lewicki  ::  Views (5859)
There are many different options to consider if you are thinking of selling your home and want to enhance its curb appeal, or if you simply just want to take some steps to freshen up its exterior.  The exterior of your home is the first thing a potential home buyer will see when they... [ more ]
Sep 26

Sellers: Five Things You Should Expect from your Realtor®

Blog posted by Michael Lewicki  ::  Views (4747)
A Realtor should help you get maximum return for your home My job as a Realtor is to get my clients the maximum price for their home in their desired timeframe.  There are a number of factors that will go into determining the pricing strategy that will lead to the successful sale... [ more ]
Sep 19

Money for Nothing and a Loan for Free

Blog posted by Michael Lewicki  ::  Views (4830)
(Not quite for nothing or free – but nearly!) The cost of money is still cheap - mortgage rates have been at historical lows, providing great savings for home buyers over these past few years.  In fact, one of Canada’s big banks has recently lowered its mortgage rates to... [ more ]
Sep 12

3 Easy and Affordable Home Upgrades

Blog posted by Michael Lewicki  ::  Views (4883)
I wrote this blog to share some easy and affordable home upgrades with you that can all be done in the span of a single weekend. Whether you just recently moved in to a new home, or are planning to sell in the foreseeable future, these home improvement ideas can greatly improve the appearance and... [ more ]
Sep 5

Top Ottawa West Neighbourhoods

Blog posted by Michael Lewicki  ::  Views (4898)
Top Ottawa West Neighbourhoods I’ve been living in Ottawa west for many years now, and I love it. There are so many vibrant, friendly and safe neighbourhoods with excellent amenities, great schools, plenty of green space, easy access to public transportation and highways, and... [ more ]
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