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Jan 7

Steady as she goes for the Ottawa resale market in 2012

Blog posted by Michael Lewicki  ::  Views (4424)
 Ottawa, January 4, 2013 - Members of the Ottawa Real Estate Board sold 618 residential properties in December through the Board’s Multiple Listing Service® system, compared with 695 in December 2011, a decrease of 11.1 per cent. The five-year average for December sales is... [ more ]
Jan 1

Article: Buying a home in 2013? What are the things no one thinks about?

Blog posted by Michael Lewicki  ::  Views (5327)
Check out the great article below by one of Ottawa's City Councillor's on some key things to consider when looking to buy a Home in Ottawa: Buying a home in 2013? What are the things no one thinks about?   By Mark Taylor: Ottawa City Councillor (Bay Ward) Buying a home is a... [ more ]
Dec 6

A chilly November for Ottawa sales

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  “Continue to keep in mind that market fluctuations do occur,” explains Clarke. “This is why it is important for buyers and sellers to talk to their Ottawa area REALTOR® for more information about the housing market outlook where they live, or want to live. Ottawa... [ more ]
Nov 25

Thank you Adam :)

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To all our Clients and Friends, Adam has decided to move on from Real Estate and pursure other ventures and business opportunities. And to ensure our client's are transitioned in a timely manner he will be migrating from Real Estate effective the end of November... [ more ]
Nov 1

GLOBE AND MAIL ARTICLE: House Flippers Beware: you can't always sell your residence tax free

Blog posted by Michael Lewicki  ::  Views (7536)
By: Tim Cestnick *special to the Globe and Mail* My good friend Dave and his wife Linda got lost last weekend. They were following their GPS looking for a particular address when they ended up somewhere along a remote dirt road. “Dave, why don’t we just find someone and ask... [ more ]
Oct 25

** GUEST BLOGGER: Borrowing to invest - is it right for you? (Shaun Banys, Sunlife Financial)

Blog posted by Michael Lewicki  ::  Views (5298)
Borrowing to invest - is it right for you? Like most Canadians, many of you are behind on your savings. How do you increase your ability to save more in a shorter period of time? How do you do it in a tax efficient manner? Are there ways to do that outside of an RRSP? There... [ more ]
Oct 11

CONDOMINIUMS – WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE? (Condo Contact Article – Fall 2012)

Blog posted by Michael Lewicki  ::  Views (5782)
(Condo Contact Article – Fall 2012) CONDOMINIUMS – WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE? When people are Buying and Selling Condominiums, the realization of what exactly they are purchasing and buying into becomes secondary at times as they get caught up in the frenzy of the search for... [ more ]
Oct 5

** GUEST BLOGGER: More Canadians are turning to Mortgage Brokers

Blog posted by Michael Lewicki  ::  Views (5072)
  When it comes to mortgage financing, more and more Canadians are choosing to work with a professional mortgage broker. According to a recent study by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), 23 per cent of mortgages written were arranged through a broker.  Canadians... [ more ]
Oct 4

September sales historically on track in Ottawa - (Courtesy of the Ottawa Real Estate Board -News Release)

Blog posted by Michael Lewicki  ::  Views (9585)
  Ottawa, October 4, 2012 -  “There has been a lot of attention recently on the need to “cool” the real estate market across the country,” said Ottawa Real Estate Board President, Ansel Clarke.  “While there may be a need in some areas, we emphasize... [ more ]
Aug 30

** GUEST BLOGGER: Shaun Banys, SunLife Financial

Blog posted by Michael Lewicki  ::  Views (6935)
MORTGAGE INSURANCE?  When buying a new house or condo, it can take time before you find the place you can call home. When you find it and you get your keys - it'll be worth the wait. As you begin making choices about your new home, from finding the best mortgage rates to choosing your... [ more ]
Jul 27

Help! I need a: Plumber/Painter/Roofer!

Blog posted by Michael Lewicki  ::  Views (4866)
Quite often when we're out at meetings, events or even just a BBQ people will mention that they need a: Painter / General Contractor / New Roof / Windows,and the list goes on... But one thing continues to surprise, is that they almost never ask us if we know anyone in those... [ more ]
Jul 4

Backyard Summer Entertainment Ideas

Blog posted by Michael Lewicki  ::  Views (4752)
  When it comes to entertaining outdoors, there's no place quite like your very own backyard.  Many families enjoy the warm summer weather by spending as much time outside as possible, and one way of doing that is by making it a fun place to be.   Get Out Your Grill  ... [ more ]
Jun 5

I'm buying through a I need a Realtor?

Blog posted by Michael Lewicki  ::  Views (4468)
Buying a New-Build Home can be an exciting process: You get to decide everything from your floor to the ceiling and everything in between! But at the end of the day, you're purchasing a product with a very detailed contract that is designed to ensure the Builder is covered for the majority of... [ more ]
Apr 2


Blog posted by Michael Lewicki  ::  Views (5270)
Sorry for the delay on March's Blog..its been a busy month for your Neighbourhood Realtors! On our way to our Client's Open House yesterday, you could see that Spring had arrived. The amount of Open House signs were on almost every street corner, and enough directional signs to make you dizzy!... [ more ]
Dec 16

Thank You!

Blog posted by Michael Lewicki  ::  Views (7953)
We'd like to take a moment before the end of the year to thank everyone who helped to make us successful: Office Admin: without them, we'd never get paperwork filed or be able to show people our beautiful homes. Home Inspectors: keeping everyone honest and providing great feedback and... [ more ]
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